Sticker Placement Guide

Where should I place my sticker?


We recommend putting your Pet Fire Sign sticker in an easily visible area near any entrance points to the property. Ideally, it would be placed either on, or next to, any doorways or large windows.

Please note- Our stickers are placed on the outside of windows in order to utilise better adhesives, limit issues with reflections, and to give the option to place our stickers not only on glass, but metal, painted wood, and any other smooth clean surface. We chose this method to give our customers as much freedom as possible to find the most effective spot for their sign. 


Take a look at the pictures below, the red circles indicate where we would recommend placing your sticker, and the blue circles are alternate or additional recommended positions.


Example 1:

For this property, we would recommend placing your sticker on the window. This is because it is very close to the front door, can be easily seen, and glass is a perfect surface for our stickers.

The alternative spot would be on the front door itself. Our stickers will stick to most smooth, clean surfaces, so plastic or well-painted doors are just fine. 



Example 2:

For this property, we would again recommend placing your sticker on the window for the same reasons as the above example.

We usually always recommend using a window as long as the window is close to, or easily seen from the main entryway into the property. 


Example 3:

For this property, we would recommend placing your sticker on the door. This is for several reasons:

1. The door has glass panels incorporated into it, perfect surface for our stickers. 2. The adjacent windows are quite far from the main entry point, and may not be easily seen from the front door. 

Furthermore, we would recommend using more than one sticker on the front of this property. With the windows being so far from the door, as well as being quite large, they may be used as an entry point. You want your sticker to be as close as possible to an entry point of the property, so placing additional stickers in the blue circles would be beneficial. 




For properties with multiple entrance points, we recommend that there be a sticker for each entryway. This means that we recommend placing a sticker on, or as near as possible to, both the front and back door.


Are you renting? Or live in a flat?

If you’re renting a property, don’t fret! Our stickers can be removed with very little to absolutely no residue remaining.

For flats, we recommend placing your sticker on, or next to, the door to your flat. If that's not an option, your sticker should be placed immediately inside the property in an easy to see location, preferably at eye level.


If you need any further advice on where to place your sticker, please contact us through our online form and we'll help any way we can!