Here are some of the most common questions we get about our Pet Fire Signs:


Q: Where should I put my sticker(s)?

A: Pet Fire Sign stickers should be placed in an easily visible area near any entrance points to the property. Ideally a window on the front/ back door, or adjacent to the entry point.

For more comprehensive instructions on where to place your sticker, click here.


Q: How long will my sticker(s) last?

A: Our stickers are, weather resistant, fade resistant and heat resistant, and come with a two-year guarantee.


Q: Are they waterproof?

A: Yes, our stickers are completely waterproof.

To make sure the writing on them lasts as long as possible, it is very important that the correct marker is used. For best results, please use our recommended marker, which you can find here.


Q: How do I stick them?

A: Don't fret!, instructions on how to stick your Pet Fire Sign sticker are on the back of each sticker.

For a more detailed look at how, and importantly where, to stick your stickers, click here.


Q: What do firefighters do in regard to pets in an emergency situation?

A: We’ve read about a lot of past cases, and have also asked the fire department ourselves. This is what we found:

When fighting a fire, firefighters will first and foremost protect human life.

When they are sure there are no more people in danger, and when there is minimal risk to human life by going back inside, firefighters will then attempt to rescue any pets inside the property.


Q: Do firefighters really look at these?

A: On the subject of stickers like our Pet Fire Sign sticker, we found that many firefighters do see them, and appreciate the extra information. Many have also said that after seeing a sticker like ours, they will keep an extra eye out while searching the house.

Some have said that after seeing a sign like our Pet Fire Sign, they will be more mindful of keeping an escape route open (like leaving the door open) so that if a pet tries to escape, it has an exit.

We did find that some firefighters were critical of the stickers as they feared that they may be inaccurate or left behind from previous occupants.This is why we ask all our customers to please keep their stickers up to date!

If the number of pets in the household changes, please update or replace your sticker. If you move, please don’t forget to remove your stickers from the old property. We ask this to assure that these signs will not be ignored in the fear that they are inaccurate.

The more we keep these stickers up to date and accurate, the more faith firefighters will place in them!

If you have any other questions you do not see an answer for here, please feel free to ask us using our contact form.